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About Us

The North Sydney Training Centre is run by Crystal Echo Pty Ltd.

Crystal Echo is an experienced training company that has been delivering world-class training for more than 23 years across Asia Pacific.

As an Authorised Juniper Networks training partner, Crystal Echo has won the APAC Training Partner Award for Excellence for every year of operation since 2004 and knows what is required to deliver client-focused quality training outcomes.

The North Sydney Training Centre will provide you with a comfortable environment for you to conduct your training event, workshop or meeting.

We believe our all-inclusive rates with no hidden charges are the most competitive in the market.  If you happen to locate a more attractive alternative venue we’d appreciate your feedback about your decision to go elsewhere. We are always looking for ways to improve our offering to better meet your needs.

Contact us now to check on room availability for your next event.

Our Internet Speed is Fast

Our office and training room infrastructure comes equipped with Vocus fibre delivered Internet.

Current wired speed access is up to 200Mbps up and downstream which delivers fast response times and large download capability which provides the best of both worlds.

However it is not possible to guarantee end to end performance. Similar to plumbing, it is dependent on the path that the traffic is routed, how many other service providers the traffic passes through and distance effecting the speed (latency) and the size of these pipes with the smallest pipe limiting end to end data transfer volume (bandwidth).

If you have connectivity requirements that will depend upon internet access to demonstrate capability or workshops send us the details so we can test and report back on your application response times etc.