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Sydney mediation room hire

Our Mediation Rooms in North Sydney are beautifully kept, private and secure.

We have applied a great deal of thought and consideration to ensuring we are equipped to deal with family mediation room hire of all types. We have the ability to cater for willing participants, through to the more, shall we say, ‘unpleasant mediation discussions’. For example, our Sydney mediation room hire services can:

  • Provide a neutral place for each party to meet and mediate,
  • Offer discreet after hours mediation room hiring opportunities,
  • Allocate separate entry and exit points,
  • Provide each party with their own dedicated bathroom and toilet,
  • Supply each party with their own kitchen, and
  • Facilitate and support the use of trained security, including police officers, where necessary.

For further information about our private mediation room hire in Sydney, please contact North Sydney Training Centre. Your confidentiality is assured.

Mediation Room Specifications

With seating for 12, our intimate fully equipped Sydney mediation room can help you achieve the best possible results. It has natural light and leafy views. Our state of the art technical equipment is also ideal for presenting possible ideas to reintroduce family unity.

Room Dimensions:
6.3m x 5.2m

Desk Sizes:
1 x 4.5m x 1.5m
12 High back Ergonomic chairs

Why people are setting a date to Mediate

Family happiness is something we all desire. And, in an ideal world, everyone would be happy. Sadly though, we do not live in an ideal world and it’s unlikely we ever will. The harsh truth is: nothing in life is perfect. And, no surprises for guessing, families are no exception. If we’re honest with ourselves, all families experience their ups and downs. This is simply part of life and should be expected and accepted.

Of course, and quite naturally, every now and then conflict within the family unit occurs. While this is perfectly normal, sometimes family conflict escalates to the point of appearing — at least on the surface — to be irreparable. Fortunately, thanks to the professional services offered by highly-qualified family mediation specialists, family happiness can be restored.

What are the common causes of family conflict?

The Family Dispute Resolution Service, which provides information, counselling, dispute resolution and group programs to help couples who are separating to resolve their family law disputes, have specified the following:

  • Conflicts over child care,
  • Child support conflict,
  • Conflict surrounding financial arrangements, and as you may have reasonably concluded
  • Property settlement conflict.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

If you are experiencing family conflict and believe that mediation could help, don’t wait until it’s too late. Generally speaking, it’s not until this (seemingly irreparable point in time) arrives until families consider family mediation, as a conflict resolution strategy.

  • Let’s face it: when we are ill, we consult a doctor. When we are needing taxation advice, we seek the services of an accountant. And if we are needing our computer repaired, we consult an IT expert.

There is no shame in seeking professional help from a qualified family mediation specialist. Having access to an unbiased family mediator can genuinely help. He or she will have no emotional attachment to your circumstances. They will simply be an impartial professional who is capable of helping each party look at the big picture, logically.

Despite what you have read thus far, North Sydney Training Centre does not provide family mediation services in Sydney. In fact, we do not offer family mediation services at all. Nor are we affiliated with any law firm or family mediator, whatsoever.

  • We simply provide Sydney Mediation Room Hire that’s affordable, and designed to ensure our clients’ family mediation session transpires as stress free as possible, while providing a private environment that is conducive for producing the best possible outcomes.