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Temporary Office

Business people sometimes have a need for a Temporary Office. At North Sydney Training Centre, we’ve found that a temporary office provides a terrific solution for an immediate or short-term problem. For example, in recent months, we’ve had a number of clients needing to rent a temporary office in Sydney. This was not because their primary office is being renovated, but because they hadn’t yet located a suitably appropriate full-time office to rent.

A temporary office for when you’re in a pickle

We can supply you with temporary office capability if you’re in a pickle. In some industries, greatest staff productivity occurs in an office environment. This is particularly true in Sydney’s creative industries, where real collaboration and fast decision-making are necessary for optimum productivity.

In the midst of a major relocation, why have your staff spread out all over Sydney if an affordable short-term office rental solution makes it unnecessary?

Short-term office rental durations

We can help you today with an affordable short-term 1, 2 or 3 month office room rental. Our North Sydney rooms are perfect if you find yourself:

  • In your holding pattern in between offices,
  • Waiting for the refurbishment of your current office to complete,
  • Wanting to see if you like North Sydney before basing your office here, or
  • Looking for a temporary office until you decide upon the best permanent office for you.

Why consider North Sydney?

North Sydney is a beautiful place to work. It has less buildings, which means more direct sun contact. And this, quite simply, is proven to produce and retain happier staff. With a brisk 3 minute walk from North Sydney trains, we are in the epicentre of this business district and have a place you can call home.

Do you want a professional front to your business but don’t want to invest in an expensive fit-out? Are you looking for stylish office space without paying exorbitant overheads?

Would you like to share premium office space and facilities within easy reach of restaurants, pubs and cafes right in the North Sydney CBD?

At the North Sydney Training Centre we have attractive, functional, secure office space available to rent. When you lease our office space you will have shared access to all facilities including a kitchen, meeting rooms and executive boardroom at no additional cost.

Contact us now to discuss our reasonable rates and arrange an inspection.

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