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North Sydney Business Directory

This page has been created for the purpose of adding further value to our SOAP Box initiative. In essence, we believe we can offer a little more than merely free venue hire in Sydney. So, North Sydney Training Centre is offering every business – regardless of size or business structure – the opportunity to have their business listed on this page.

Please note: The business listings, below, will give you an idea of what you can expect to receive. However, it is very important to understand that this is a reciprocal linking opportunity. In other words, people who hold a SOAP Box event at our venue, will also need to place a link on their site, which points to ours. Although we’ll be publishing a description of your business, you will not need to publish a description of ours. No, just a simple hyperlink from any publicly viewable page on your site that points to ours homepage URL.

SOAP Box Business Directory

  • Crystal Echo is an experienced training company that has been delivering world-class training for more than 23 years across Asia Pacific. In simplistic terms, we’re Information Communication Technology (ITC) specialists. We conduct all forms of training to do with networking, switching and routing. And a significant aspect of our business provides Juniper Certification, Australia.
  • Mega Stoneworks is, quite simply, the name that springs to mind when consumers and businesses Google ‘Stonemason Sydney‘. With a proven track record of producing stunning stone features for domestic and commercial applications, Mega Stone – like the stone features they build – has withstood the test of time. Owned and operated by an experienced and talented professional stonemason, Joe Safi, Mega Stone also offers 100% free, no obligation on-site quotations.
  • If you are looking for Microsoft Office training courses such as Excel, please contact Raising the Bar for more information.